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Digital Archaeology Reflection

My group selected an Ipod Touch 4th Generation that Gabby had at her home and was able to bring back from Spring Break. After deconstructing the Itouch and taking photographs, we claimed pieces on a Google Doc to start our research. We then uploaded our findings to a Google Sheets document.

I researched three pieces for my portion of this project. I chose the Logic Board, the Wifi/Bluetooth Chip, and the DRAM memory card. For some reason, another team member also did the DRAM, so I let her have it since it was my third piece. I was not able to find any good information on another piece, so I turned my attention to our presentation.

I created our Google Slides for our presentation and got everyone started on adding their components to it to present. I created additional slides for our Title Slide, the history of the Itouch, and a Timeline of the origin of Apple leading up to our device. Someone else thought that it would be more important to have a slide on Appleā€™s History instead of the history of Ipods, so we compromised and combined the slides. Es put our Neatline map in a slide for the end of our presentation.

Overall, I think our team worked well together. We all did our parts. This project can be difficult in some ways as a group project because some parts are easier or harder to find information on depending on what parts each person had. This is the second group project that I did with this group, and I feel that Es and Khayla were more involved and did more of their parts to help take some of the work load off of Gabby and I this time around.

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