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Methodology Module Reflection

This was a semi challenging module to complete. It took more technical skills than the other modules we have completed, but was not as difficult to complete as our Archaeology Module. I really liked picking a book in a series and comparing to others doing the rest of the series.

To make my website, I used Sublime. I was already a little familiar with Sublime from work I did for my After Books seminar, but this was a bit different and required me to learn some new tricks!

My project was very successful. I set out three things that I wanted to learn, then I did my researched, analyzed my results, and answered those three questions. I was able to successfully hand-code a website, and I made an interesting and visually appealing website. I chose a crimson color for the background, because it matches the color of the ribbon on the cover of the book I analyzed. I put a picture of the cover of this book on my webpage to show this. I gave sections for an introduction to the project, a background on why I wanted to do this specific book, my method, my research, my results, and then a comparison to the other books in the series. I included two pictures of my results, and linked to the tool I used to get them (I even made it a button, because I love buttons!)

Please check out my work!

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